Online Coaching with Ifbb pro and Fitness Expert Klaus Myren Riis
Whats included in Online Coaching with Klaus Myren Riis




I have offered online coaching services for over thousands of clients all over the globe over the last decade.  Online coaching programs are tailored to each individuals goal, ability, lifestyle, needs  and personal food preferences. All dietary requirements can be accommodated. Whether your goal is to get in shape for a holiday, wedding, photoshoot, change your lifestyle to the better or to step on a competitive stage, I can create the perfect plan for you.


What is an Online Coach / Trainer?

• A consultant who advises and guides you to optimise your nutrition, supplementation and your workout program, making sure  you reach your fitness goals.

• A lifestyle coach who motivates and inspires you to get more out of your day and your workouts!

• One who creates and tailors your programs based on your wishes and needs!

• One who makes sure that your training and nutrition is most effective! Optimisation of your time at the gym!

• One that takes into account: Your wishes, injuries, stress, activity levels, time available, etc ....!

Everyone can benefit from having an Online Coach!

Whether you want quick results, get to know your body better so it works for you and not against you or whether you need new inspiration after a long time without results a Coach can be a great choice for you.

Stand accountable to a Coach and let him help you reach you goals

Changing your eating habits to a healthier, tailored and structured plan will not only optimize your health but also your performance, skills and energy levels. It does matter what you put in your mouth, the diet is crucial whether your goal is better wellness, weight loss or muscle building. Through our collaboration I can help you to understand; What you should eat to achieve your goals, why, how much and when! You also don't need to concern yourself with which exercises and which techniques you need to achieve your goals; the number of sets, repetitions, and how often it needs to be done for the desired effect.

In other words. Get rid of having to plan your workouts and diet programs. Let your coach make everything perfect for you. You don't need to think, just follow your tailored programs, see your body change and learn from the process. Just like Ibrahim here, who lost 33kg's and gained muscle mass, naturally in only 6 months.