• IFBB Advanced Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer Specialist (Level 8 IFBB Academy)
  • IFBB PROFESSIONAL BODYBUILDER (First Danish Male Professional Bodybuilder 2016)
  • + Klaus has many Certifications and diplomas in sports nutrition, sports physiology and body anatomy, Sports psychology, Neuroplasticity, Biohacking your Brain Health, CPR / AED, fitness instructor, personal trainer, graphic designer and Social media Marketing.
Klaus Myren Riis was born on July 1987. He started out his career competing in Fitness competitions and did Fitness modelling for some of the worlds biggest fitness and health magazines, like Muscle & Fitness.
Klaus is known for his generosity and knowledge among fitness enthusiasts and athletes in Denmark. He is also well known in Scandinavia and Spain, as he has competed in many different sports; Fitness, Strongman and Bodybuilding competition and have worked as an athlete or ambassador at major fitness events around the world.

As a spokes model for health and fitness, he reaches out to many people as he travels the world and get's to meet and greet so many fans and great people and via this have gathered a big following on the social media.

Klaus started his company in January 2009, as a full time personal trainer and lifestyle coach online as he had already been doing personal training since 2002. On his journey he has helped 2000+ fitness enthusiasts and athletes to reach their goals and to obtain a healthier lifestyle.
Klaus has 17 years of experience in the fitness and bodybuilding industry and is a happy giver of that knowledge he has obtained throughout the years.
As a competition coach he has helped a dozen national and international athletes/bodybuilders take home gold, silver and bronze medals.
In his own words; “Being fit, working out and living a healthy lifestyle is what I love and live for. It has gotten me to experience different, exciting and challenging jobs and activities all around the world.
I started working out at 8 years old, did my first bodybuilding competition at 18, started wrestling even earlier ( 4 years old ) and wrestled up til 23 years old. I competed in and won strongman competitions for several years, but continued on with bodybuilding and won my IFBB pro card at 29. I competed as a pro (highest level in the world) twice in Classic Physique. I have done a ton of model, television, expo work in more than 10 countries. The last 17 years I have helped over 1000 clients through personal and online training. I speak 3 languages fluently (Danish, Spanish and English). I lived in 5 different countries and I feel like my life has just started. It is time to make new goals come true in other areas as well as I believe its important to keep growing as a person in all aspects, but I will never stop working out or do my best to be as healthy and happy as possible.
I am a very ambitious and creative man with big dreams. I live by the motto; “Where there is a will, There is a way” because I believe that everything is possible as long as you are willing to put in the work. Thoughts become things.
I am very aware and focused on what I want to achieve and what I want my clients to achieve and I think that is an important ability to have, but at the same time I also believe that one shall still remember to have fun and enjoy life as we are only blessed with one. Life is all about balance.”

Klaus can be reached via mail
E-mail: info.klausriis@gmail.com

Other social media pages to follow:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KlausMyrenRiis
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klausmyrenriis/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ultrariis